Free predictions on EURO 2024 DAY 2

Hungary - Switzerland 1-1
The situation is such that now it is necessary to cling to the 2nd place in the group. For a tank in the form of a German will not forgive. It is necessary to play today and now.
Gloomy Switzerland is still a running team, and the Hungarians are not that this is just concrete defense. They themselves play and give others. Hungarians, even though they’re paired up with outsiders, can’t really get away. Their team is interesting and also not running, and it is playing. Many specialists have already said that it is the Hungarians will take 2nd place and that today 1x for 1.75 can be played. But I will tell you this match mistakes. It’s the first person to stumble or not, the first one to strike will be easier. The match can end with 0-1 and 1-1 and 3-3 being the important thing you choose here. The doormen will try to dry out in the hope that the Germans will give them a point in the last match or just to save them the force throw them less than others and the difference to come out.
The match on the sign is crap, but it will be interesting.
My Election:
Both will score Yes
Handicap 1 (+1) 1.35
Shakiri will score (with penalty or penalty)
Total match over 1.5 1.49
Yellow cards over 3.5 1.85
Hungary corner over 2.5 1.45
Hungary strikes more than 3 1.7
Folov more than 20.5 1.5
Switzerland hits on the goal more than 10.5 1.55

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Spain - Croatia 2-0
Look, a stinking match can come out. I know this line when given on the absolute FAVORITE BET 1.9 win . Handicap with 0 even give. And other goodies. In fact it may come out that Modrich has already agreed . The only thing is not clear : they do not count Italy for people ? It’s like we’re gonna take a point here, and we’re gonna take three points away from Albania and end up with four. But they may be cruelly mistaken because Italy will technically beat Alabania 1-0 2-0, and it will be to the difficult matches with already 3 points. And then Italy does not feed bread to play in a draw in the stands to beat the ball all 90 minutes. Plan on the goal difference to leave ?
Well, if in Spain there is someone to score and they Albania can throw 5, then Croatia who will score ?
It turns out that if there is no football here, Traction football, stretching moments, talking and grimacing, lying on the grass. and leaves that Spain with a bar shoulder will give them a point?
Anyway, guys, I’m...I’m telling you...
And if we talk purely about football, Spain goes waftuzit the ball on 90% of possession of the ball and scores 1-3 goals and goes to rest. The Croats certainly have an interesting team that want to sleep all the time when they play. I want Spain not to lose face and so play
My choices (not yours) are:
Spain more than 1 1.42
Yamal scores 7.0
Morata scores 4.5
1 x and total more than 1.5 1.67
Corner Spain greater than 4.5 1.75
Spain strikes more than 3.5 1.37
Seyva Croatia more than 2.5 1.45
Spain offside more than 1.5 1.55
Obesity. goals (xG. Individual total: Spain greater than 1.5 1.95

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Italy - Albania 3-1 2-0
At a time when the coefficient on winning Spain is rising Italian players have ears and connections with players from Spain and Croatia. Someone hates someone and will give up, someone has not been called to the national team and so on and Cigana radio will tell what is going on there with coefficients. Well, I can’t believe that the cafe on Croats falls because here we all bet on them. Lure to bet on something, and what we need to determine
But this is not important ... Italy already understands that it takes 3 points and not just 3 ,but to make a good difference.
This is done simply : Albania understands that the Euro they will not win, but the future of each player and the players and their agents, clubs and other. What do I mean ? The leverage is huge on any Albanian player. Someone then for services to the patronymic of the third degree will be sold to some Italian club. Someone in the club salary will be raised, someone from the Romanian Voluntari will take in Lazio for example
List of Albanian players playing in Italy : Elseid Huusai, «Lazio» (Italy);
Berat Jimsiti, «Atalanta» (Italy);
Ardian Ismaili, «Empoli» (Italy);
Maras Kumbula, «Sassholo» (Italy)
Kristian Aslani, «Inter» (Italy);
Ulber Ramadani, «Lecce» (Italy);
Nedim Bayrami, «Sassholo» (Italy);
Medon Berisha, «Lecce» (Italy)
The rest of us play who’s in Korea, who’s in Turkey, who’s in Europe’s minor clubs.
Only Aslani will make money there so he will not play and the whole end of the game of Albania. And here is such a list.
Clever experts on every Match TV will tell you that there is a lot of playing in Series A and it will help Albania to play on equal ground, but in fact in football things are not done. If everything was football then yesterday it would have been 2-1 and a bunch of corner . But the case heated the public to fame. This is how it is done.
By the way, Spalletti said yesterday that they will play soccer. How to understand it ? And so understand that ITALY will make a difference.
Look, this is my vision of the situation, and you decide what is what and who is stronger here. Maybe the presence in Albania of strong players playing in Italy will help somehow . I think no
My opinions are:
Italy is more than 1.5 1.57 and I would think on the score of 2.5 even.
P1 and Total greater than 1.5 1.7
Italy strikes more than 4.5 1.57
Yellow cards less than 4.5 1.55
Intercepts. Individual Total Italy interceptions: more than 7.5 1.77
Expected. goals (xG. Individual total Italy (1.5) Bol 1.47
Corner over 7.5 1.45
Gianluca Skamacca (Italy) - Federico Chiesa (Italy) total more than 0.5 1.63

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