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St Louis - Columbus 4-2

"St Louis" retains its excellent shape and is in a series of long wins. By contrast, "Columbus" has already played four matches in the away and probably will not be able to resist the "blues" effectively, as he spent considerable effort. In addition, in the previous match, the "uniforms" lost 2-4 even from "Seattle".
Saint Louis more than 2.5 (or 1 (0) lead)
SentLuice has an excellent implementation of most . There is a bet ST Louis will score a majority of 1.65
St Louis scored more than 9.5 shots in the 1.76 period

2️⃣ San Jose - Seattle 3-4

Both teams have been more focused on attack than defense in recent games, resulting in a large number of idle pucks. In the last face-to-face, the rivals scored eight goals, and something similar is expected this time.
Total more than 5 1.5

Coef should be above 2.0
Box Sportcast amateur commentators also say that when there are few matches in the NHL they often all come more. Both matches are more than 5 , both matches both teams more than 1.5 puck Columbus do not fail
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