Free betting tips on EURO2024 and Coppa America

Peru - Canada 0-1
Peru is an extremely arid team. With Chile 0-0 played that and other matches dried not by children. Play in the U.S. and that means there will be more Canadian fans . Especially since the NHL is no longer in Canada you can cheer for football. Their last meeting ended 0-2 and it reflects the grassroots nature of their games, but remembering Canada from the World Cup seems to me a student team running all 90 minutes ,and Peru is pure on counterattacks and quite dangerous ,but no less useless.
My Choice:
Canada 75 minutes more than 0.5 1.55
Canada corner over 3.5 1.43
Yellow cards over 3.5 1.77

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Chile - Argentina 0-2
I think that Argentina having already 4 points will play quietly and without straining. For a long time playing the ball and making a controlled shots. It’s up to Chile how many heads they shoot. All Chile has to do is either agree that they will merge Argentina 0-1 to the difference not to miss and wait for the match with Canada where everything is decided, or on a fair beat 2-time ball to the podium and hope that the Argentines will save their players
My Election:
x2 and total less than 3.5 1.52
Argentina more than 4.5 corner 1.45

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France - Poland 2-1
Well, France doesn’t play football yet. Grisman is phlegmatic, Bape’s nose hit and obviously can’t run from it for some reason. So they get to 3 places to play. You have to cover the grid and understand where they want to go with such a dickhead game. In connection with this handicap -2.5 they will not rush to break through because up to 90 minutes it is necessary to look where they fall. Poland turned out to be a riding team and plays to my surprise interesting, but useless. I think in this match will be so. Score Poland will be 2-1 , not score 2-0
My options are:
Forward 2 (+2.5) 1.45
Corner over 7.5 1.36
Poland yellow cards more than 1.5 1.54
Poland more than 10.5 fouls 1.55
Offsides greater than 2.5 1.77
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Netherlands - Austria 1-1
For the allocation of seats in this strong group it is necessary and for the sake of world peace these two teams need to play a draw
Austria in principle and with 3 points will come out from 3 place, but you need to keep the difference of balls at least 0 . So this match will be viscous and rough. In general, I would even talk for Austria in this match. Cute and friendly team. And will be very interesting match
My options are:
Handicap 2 (+1) 1.4
Both will score 1.90
Austria more than 1.5 yellow cards 1.45 or total tote cards more than 3.5 1.77
More than 2.5 offside 1.77
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Denmark - Serbia 2-1
Here Serbia will be written off as the national football team, which causes the most problems for the authorities. I do not know how but the judge will jump a little. The match may turn out to be extremely closed on 1-0 and extremely open on the total of 3.5 because Serbs have nothing to lose and must win. I’m all for outdoor football
My options are:
1 x and total more than 1.5 1.75
Or 1x and tttal less than 4.5 1.45
You choose what 1x will be
Denmark fouls over 9.5 1.45
Denmark strikes more than 3.5 1.38
Yellow cards over 3.5 1.54
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England - Slovenia 2-0
England has already left at 1/8 but do not yet know from poop place. Even there is an option that these idiots playing dumb game come out of 3 place. I read the papers and they say that if England comes out first place they’ll have a lighter grid before the final. I’m sick and tired of figuring this out, so let’s trust the press.
My options are:
1 x and total more than 1.5 1.37
England hits more than 4.5 1.34
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