Free betting tips on EURO2024 and American Cup

Georgia - Czech Republic 1-3
The match for goals may turn out to be positive. Georgia generally came to enjoy the game. And the Czechs were close to a draw with Portugal, but were unable to stall for time at the end and clear the ball from the penalty area. But the levels of the teams are visible. The Czechs need 3 points to have a chance of passing. In the 3rd round it will be difficult to play Turkey at home.
My thoughts :
Handicap 2 (0) 1.35
X2 and total over 1.5 1.57
Total match over 2 1.57
Shots on target over 7.5 1.45
Czech Republic over 1.5 offside 1.65

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Türkiye - Portugal 1-2
The composition of Portugal is such that they must import the Turks in full. But on the other hand, yesterday two giants with such crazy lineups played 0-0. Turkey already has 3 points and Porto has 3 points and it is beneficial for the guys to play calmly and relaxed for a draw. You can make a mistake with the result here because the Turks are playing at home, but I have almost no doubt that everyone will give way and let Ronaldo score for 6 euros. They tried to arrange this in the match with the Czech Republic, but he hit the post.
Viva Ronaldo. If he doesn’t score from the game, then they will set 11 meters, if he doesn’t score from 11, then they will interrupt until he scores :)
My thoughts :
X2 and total over 1.5 1.45
Total over 2.5 1.75
Türkiye to score 1.57
Corners more than 8 1.48
Xg Portugal more than 1.5 1.55
Ronaldo will score
Goals in both halves

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Belgium 2-0 Romania
Romania has already fulfilled its task at the tournament. I think 3 points is enough to get somewhere. You can also play in a draw with the Slovaks :)
Belgium lost the first match, but even if they had won, nothing would have changed in this forecast. The levels of the teams are different and the main thing is that Lukaku does not interfere with the offside position.
My thoughts :
1x and total over 1.5 1.35
Belgium over 1.5
Lukaku will score
Belgium xg more than 1.5 1.47
Offsides more than 2.5 1.55
Belgium fouls over 9.5 1.5

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America's Cup

Ecuador - Venezuela 1-0
In this pair, I will give the advantage to Ecuador, as well as the bookmaker. I don’t think there will be many goals here because it’s a starting match and it’s important not to lose it. It is more reliable in defense with 3 or maximum 4 players in attack. And 200 shots from 40 meters on goal, maybe one will fly in
My thoughts :
Handicap 1 (0) 1.39
1x and total less than 3.5 1.5
Ecuador over 1.5 yellow cards 1 47

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Mexico 2-1 Jamaica
I don’t know what, but something is wrong with Mexico. Brazil lost 2-3, although Brazil is now dismantled and almost got into trouble with the USA. Uruguay lost 0-4
Even if they were just preparing for the main tournament and dumping freight trains, it’s still unconvincing. Jamaica is missing stars from the sky. They will remove a couple of runners from athletics and they will run 2 halves. Their freight trains were not lost, and the final of some tournament with the USA was 1-1. Therefore, Mexico should, of course, win in class, but with great difficulty. I will give preference to a positive handicap
My options:
Handicap 2 (+1.5) 1.47
Mexico corner handicap -1 1.45

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