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Match of the day
Slovakia - Romania 1-0

You all know the hype around this match. Odds for a draw will soon drop below 2.0
It is obvious to everyone that it is enough to play in a draw and the deal is in the bag.
In fact, I’m thinking about a scenario where all of us smart people will once again be shaved for money, or, well, shaved.
The fact is that 2 third places have already been eliminated almost because they have a goal difference of -3 - Croatia and Hungary. I see such incredible scenarios where in this pair someone loses 0-3 0-4 and Croatia or Hungary takes their place. This is one crazy scenario that will kill a lot of bets.
The second scenario is simpler: this is where Slovakia wins by 1 goal and maintains the goal difference and advances along with the Romanians because both will have the same difference. You also have to look at who hits who and everything is confusing there, but the favorites need to match up weak opponents and this is also important to take into account. Therefore, do not rush to bet a draw here.
And in such matches you need a scandal and removal. Well, so that everyone believes that everything is fair
My options:
1x and total less than 3.5 1.47
Handicap 1 (0) 1.75
Corners Slovakia over 3.5 1.57
Romania over 1.5 offside 1.85
We need to cancel the goals somehow

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Russia and Kazakhstan

Ukraine - Belgium 1-3
Here, to cheer for Ukraine a little, I take the total over 2
Ukraine, in my opinion, can only play against weak opponents with less than 2-0, otherwise the whole team is more attacking than defensive. Belgium also quickly passes the center of the field. When will Lukaku score? Modric, Mbape, Lewandowski have all already scored, but the monster Lukaku...
It will be a fun match and no matter how much I would like Ukraine to pass, I don’t see how they can beat Belgium. What is our pattern??? Rule 27 of betting: whoever wins against ours becomes a champion.. or rule 23: whoever loses 1 game in the championship becomes a champion. If you don't believe me, ask Messi. Brazil didn’t really lose, but played 0-0 with Costa Rica, but they didn’t score either. Oh, they're sick of it all. Watching football and cheering for goals
My options:
Total over 2 1.42
X2 and total over 1.5 1.45
Corners over 8.5 1.47
Shots on target win 2 1.37
Belgium xG over 1.5 1.66

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Czech Republic - Turkey 2-2
We have not had such an account? Czech Republic lost Szyka and it is a big loss for the Czech attacks. Turkey plays almost at home and they can not yet lose from the championship. Turkey has 3 points and so far -1 difference. This means that Turkey will try to play on the 1st and as little as possible to miss, but teams such that will play openly. The Czechs could not even beat Georgia and could they beat such Turkey?
My options are:
X2 1.5
Both will score 1.86
Total more than 2 1.6
Turkey corner over 3.5 1.56
Czech Republic more than 1.5 yellow cards 1.35
Czech follies more than 11.5 1.52
Turkey strikes more than 3.5 1.48
Deletion Yes

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Georgia - Portugal 1-3
Georgians have come to show themselves and sell more. Therefore, nobody in the defense does not sit out and dashingly run forward. Portugal has 2 line-up and 1st place for they beat Turkey, but they are eager to play. Everyone who sat on the bench today will come out and prove that they are not weaker.
I think Felix is gonna score today and probably not a single goal.
Interesting match to watch
My options are:
Porto more than 1.5 1.47
Goals in both halves
X2 and Total greater than 1.5 1.36
Total XG greater than 2.5 1.55
Felix will score

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Ecuador - Jamaica 1-0
Another low-level couple. Incomprehensible running in the hope that someone with 40 meters will kick a stronger ball or a goal with the head at a standard. Ecuador is simply becoming more pompous. What pain is Argentina Jamaica 5-0
So this is a cool song about Jamaica
My Election:
1 x and total less than 3.5 1.48
Jamaica corner over 2.5 1.54
Folov less than 27.5 1.55
Offsides greater than 2.5 1.55

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Venezuela - Mexico 1-2
The favorite pair is Mexico and for me there would be no questions for this match, but a weak game of Mexico in the preparatory matches + a surprise victory of Venezuela in the first match of the tournament over Ecuador.
Handicap +1.5 is a very low caf so it is better to go with a Mexican handicap. In general, they at some point can arrange a draw
My options are:
Forward 2 (0) 1.55
X2 and total less than 4.5 1.37
Venezuela offside more than 1.5 1.87
Venezuela has more than 2.5 strokes per 1.45

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