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France - Belgium 1-0
We saw the strength of Belgium in the group stage where they barely scored 4 points. Nice team, but something doesn't work in it. France has names for 3 squads. From this team you can create 3 full-fledged teams that will have an equal chance of reaching the finals. It will probably be interesting, but I don’t see any intrigue here
My thoughts :
Handicap 1 (0) 1.37
Passage 1 1.44
France over 1 1.45
Corners more than 8.5
Yellow cards less than 4.5 1.45
Shots on target Fraezia over 4 1.55

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Portugal 2-1 Slovenia
An interesting fact is that Slovenia has already beaten the Portuguese 2-0 this year. What is this ? Or maybe they will be pulled today?
Well, if they don’t win, they can do a fair amount of trouble. The Slovenians here have experience playing in a draw. But with Portugal, the trick against Georgia is not clear, and there were problems in the match with the Czech Republic. Therefore these thoughts:
Handicap 2 (+2) 1.45
1x and total over 1.5 1.34
Penalty yes
Portugal corners under 8.5 1.37
Xg Portugal more than 1.5 1.45
Portugal over 1.5 offside 1.51
Slovenia yellow cards over 1.5 1.49

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Bolivia - Panama 0-2
Panama sensationally beat the USA, and Bolivia is going to zero. I think that Panama needs to finish off the opponent and leave the group. Moreover, I look at the table and they have about 3 points with the USA, but for some reason Panama is lower. They probably count by goal difference, but Panama has -1
That is, we also need to improve the goal difference if possible. Bolivia will just play football and they don’t need anything else
My thoughts :
X2 and total over 1.5 1.51
The match could be nervous, so Panama has more than 1.5 yellow cards 1.64
Corners over 7.5 1.47

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Uruguay - USA 0-1
Uruguay has already solved the problem of reaching the next stage. The goal difference is +7, so we can give this game to the home team as little as possible. All thoughts about this match revolve only around this. Uruguay will most likely release 2 squads and prepare for the playoffs. And I’ll chalk up the hosts’ defeat to Panama as an accident
My thoughts :
X2 1.55
USA to score 1.37
USA over 3.5 corners 1.59
Offsides over 2.5 1.55

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