Free betting tips on 17.06.24

Romania - Ukraine 1-1 1-2
It’s hard to predict when you’re supporting the national team, but I’ll try.
Romania has a strong team well showing itself in qualifying games, but if you dully open teams and put on each other it will be clear that at every position in Ukraine people play teams at the level above. If there are Alavesy, Palermo and Saud.Arabia then in Ukraine and Arsenal and Girona and other good clubs.
This does not change the fact that Ukraine, as always, can ram a lot of things. Romania will have fewer, but I think they will catch on the counter because Ukraine is a very offensive team. Yes, they will come out from the position of strength to play first number, but they will do it gently, but somewhere they will fail 1 time. But how much will score this big question
My Election: 
X2 and Total greater than 1.5 1.75
Romania will score 1.6
Corner over 7.5 1.45
Yellow cards total greater than 3.5 1.79 (3-2)
Romania strikes more than 2.5 1.45
Romania Folios over 10.5 1.55

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Belgium - Slovakia 2-1
Of course, for the time being, the formula worked on the favorite and go get the money working at 100%. And here most likely will be. And a lot depends on the inspiration of Lukaku and DeBrüyne. And this is the business of each of us who is rooting for whom. Belgium is a cute team, but Slovakia is simply stubborn and their last 2 matches and ended 1-1 and 2-1. Just Slovaks will brazenly snap, bite, push. What remains? At least 1 point to take away. Belgium and England and Holland need just 1-0 
Slovaks have a strong composition of strong middle and a little thought can be given to their advantage
My opinions are: 
Forward 2 (+1.5) 1.6
At first I thought to take the 1x and the tote is less than 3.5 , but then I looked at the statistics and xG and there are 2.5 on 2 2 that says about 3-2 and I thought well their fuck with the total less
Therefore 1x and total are greater than 1.5 1.4
Belgium more than 4.5 corner 1.37
Slovakia at 60 minutes of match more than 0.5 yellow cards 1.51

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Austria - France 2-4
I keep thinking that France will come to pay the debts for the former championships. I do not know where such a thought but here it is. And then I look at their lineup and I think with these names, you should win everything while you win. With Austria it will be difficult because it is a solid Bundesliga. That and the Austrian championship is not inferior to the Bundesliga. Imagining the scenario of the match in my head comes the idea that France will play as one striker and very carefully behind, throwing the ball there for 1000 assists and some sharp passes ahead on Mbapa if he has already recovered from injury. Austria will give birth in 20 minutes. 
Can Austria score ? I think so. Can Austria impose ? I think so.
So if it’s not these boring 0-1 then it should be interesting.
My thoughts are : 
Total more than 2.5 1.78
X2 and total greater than 1.5 1.42
France more than 4.5 strokes in 1.45
Corner over 7.5 1.5

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