Betting tips on EURO2024 and Copa America 2024

Croatia - Italy 1-1
After last night’s matches and judgmental stupidity, you don’t know what to predict
Croatia needs a victory and here you can not think. But who will score there ? Modric alone for the whole running Italy younger than 2 times. Maybe he spits accidentally because of the penalty.
Generally for Italy is the ideal option to play on 0-0 or 0-1. Their favorite occupation is to roll cotton wool.
But I think a couple of goals will be scored because Croatia even Albania 2 scored and Italy one. And Spain could Italy and five.
My options are:
X2 and Total greater than 1.5 1.85
Just x2 1.38
Italy more than 3.5 corner 1.38
Yellow cards over 3.5 1.68
Italy offside more than 1.5 1.48

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Albania - Spain 2-3
Do not want to even think about who will win here. At first glance take pe2 and go get money. But who knows what kind of team will release Spain. They don’t have much experience with the first one, and if a 16-year-old pussy is released against a man then you don’t know how they’ll do business. So in the end, I am personally negative. Albania before the start of the championship seemed like a grass-roots team, but life has shown that they climb in before without thinking about anything. And no one will even suit them. So both will score an interesting option in which the bookie can push us back and forth
My options are:
Total more than 2 1.38
Albania scores 1.7
Corner over 7.5 1.5

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Coppa America Colombia - Paraguay 1-0
If you look at their last five preparatory matches then Colombia is one of the main contenders for winning the Copa América. Nailed the US 1-5 , Romania which is now rattling on the Euro, Mexico and even Spain 0-1 . I.e. you understand what level of the team. Paraguay is a strong provincial team with good defenses and counterattacks. The preparatory matches are not so good 0-3 from Chile two matches to zero and lost this Colombia 0-1 . This is how the match pattern appears for the game.
My options are:
1 x and total less than 3.5
Colombia 60 minutes more than 0.5 1.65
Colombia more than 1 1.4
Paraguay 1 time more than 0.5 yellow cards 1.55

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Brazil - Costa Rica 2-0
To be honest, though I’m rooting for Brazil, Frankly the rival is not their level, and played some kind of a chaotic game. Swan cancer and pike each on its own. Vinicius doesn’t let anyone take the ball there. Costa Rica hasn’t seen it for a long time, but it lacks stars from the sky. The task is simple - to take points from the star team. I see the drawing of the game where Brazil has a hundred moments ,and they will score 2 to 3 goals. My thoughts are :
Forward 2 (+3.5) 1.38
Vinicius scores 2.23
Penalty No 2.5

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